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Sharara Salwar Kameez

It’s time to get noticed for your fine taste in the Indian ethnic outfit. Recently, in Indian ethnic wear trend, sharara suit has been taken place. Sharara salwar kameez basically is three-piece Indian ethnic wear that comes with a kurta which can be made in various lengths but short kurtas are preferred. It includes a wide-legged bottom called Sharara which is fitted till knees or lower and then a wide flare (also called the trumpet skirt) starts till the floor. Sharara bottom resembles the shape of umbrella. Both of this kurta and sharara complete its look with the third piece, a beautiful dupatta.

Suit Designs With Palazzo
Sharara Suit is usually adorned with intricate embroideries, stone, sequins, beadwork along with other ornamentations. Sharara suit is basically known as a common attire of Pakistani salwar kameez for Muslim women across the globe. Shararas originated in Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh during the era of Nawabs.
Although they are no longer worn as everyday garments, they remain popular as wedding attire among Muslim women of the Hindi Belt and also among Urdu-speaking immigrants in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Nowadays, designer has been come up with the old time clothes with the new cuts and unique pattern or ideas. Pairing these with the right Stilettos & Make-up, and accessorizing is as creative as painting over a canvas. Replacing the Western wardrobe with an Indo-Mughal fusion, you might be on your way to dragging one to your shopping bag.

Kind of ethnic outfits are very essential, since they make an impression of your personality and that fashion could be adapted to deliver change in your typical clothes fashion. These suits are designed with the perfect cuts, designs

and styles that not only make you feel comfortable but also ensure to blend with every occasion.

In a nutshell, the focus of pakistani designer sharara suit is to portray the elegant fashion aligned with the tradition.

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